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Enrico Castellani


Enrico has a degree in Economics and Management  (Università degli Studi di Torino) and a Master in Marketing at the Manchester University . He has a strong management experience in Finance, Marketing, and Go To Market Strategy, both in Consumer Goods and Business to Business sector,  matured in Directional roles in multinational Companies such as Ferrero, Kimberly-Clark and BICC Limited not only in Italy but also UK and Argentina

In July 2016 he left Multinational companies after 19 years and decided to  leverage his experience  to invest in Start Up and support them in growing and becoming real successful companies

Form November 2017 he is Chairman of the Advisory Board of Enerbrain, a start up born in Torino that has developed e revolutionary solution  that can be used in big building to maintain comfort and reduce energy bill; Enrico has supported Enerbrain in the strategic approach in the Go to Market Strategy in Italy; starting from 2017 Enrico is developing the internationalization strategy of Enerbrain worldwide to export this unique and patented product; Enerbrain ha open a company in Japan and is presented IN France, Uk, Switzerland, Estonia

Enrico has invested in the food sector opening up a Restaurant in the centre of Torino, with the aim to establish a new Pizza concept and then launch it with a franchising approach

At the beginng of 2017 Enrico has supported the Start up of Starboost an  incubator of start up based in Torino, and invested in other two Start Up, Epicura and Wineplan focusing in digital services

Enrico loves sport (he played soccer at a professional level when he was young) music and reading; He has three boys.